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Wide-band with superior sound quality for all day long use.


  • Stylish, comfortable and durable

  • Acoustic Shock Protection

  • Microphone Anti Static Shock Protection

  • Noise Cancelling microphone

  • Large ear cushion

  • Single-wire downlead on binaural headsets means more user comfort.


Digital USB to headset adapter

DSU-11M for VoIP or Skype


With fingertip call control on/off button for quick and easy access for VoIP communication. No need to use a mouse to receive a call and search for application icons and control buttons to make a call. 


On/Off button for call control- Receiving volume control switch- Mute switch for microphone. Connects to any FreeMate brand headset. 

Provides crisp and superior sound quality, for users of Microsoft Office Communicator, SKYPE or any other voice driven applications.

Supports USB 2.0, Digital Signal Processing, Echo suppression

Vista compatible, 2 year warranty


DH-017T corded

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