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While there is a revenue opportunity, the process pays for the rewards given to the customer and the time invested in refurbishing the products. And while there is some benefit in creating more sales opportunities the environmental responsibility is a driving factor as demand increases for better disposal of electronic componentry and plastic products.

All Ears has a philosophy that takes ownership of some of the acoustic waste that is generated within its industry and turns this into a sales opportunity.


We offer a Buy Back on old headsets and recycle, refurbish and resell in return for an invoice credit against any new FreeMate  headset, corded OR wireless on a one for one basis.


Under this programme clients (old or new) can send us any old headset  – even if they weren't purchased through All Ears. In return our client receives a cash discount on their invoice.


All the returned units are either salvaged and harvested for parts or refurbished, sanitised and made fully functioning and then offered to the SOHO market or home telesales market at a fraction of new prices and with a six month warranty.  Stock constantly changes so call for availability.



You or your clients wishing to dispose of unwanted or surplus headset equipment can contact us to book a FREE courier pickup


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