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All Ears is a small, specialist headset maintenance, repair and supply company with a qualified team dedicated to providing excellent service and value for money for its customers.



The team is made up of dedicated professionals specialising in their own fields of software, field technicians, telecommunications engineers, electronics, acoustics, research & development and administrative project management.


Established in 1998, we have built a loyal base of clients who appreciate our professional, but personal approach. They are confident that not only do we to listen to them, but that we translate their needs into cost-effective and successful business solutions.

The telephone, headset and communications business is constantly changing.

Small specialised


are changing the

how, where and when

we communicate.
ALL EARS is such a business with decades in process development, procurement and supply chain management into demanding industries such as oil, telecommunications, electronics and the military – giving you the advantage of this expertise and our qualified engineering staff.

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