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 - for office and call centre headset solutions

headset foam ear cushions
headset microphone muffs
VoIP cable for headset
training Y cord

 supervisor Y cord with mte
leatherette ear cushion
headset monitor hook
ear cushion - donut shape
clothing clips
HIS, HIC, HIP cords

 Dispoasable headset cover for radiology, x-ray, MRI use


All Ears have parts and accessories for a range of headset brands.

Keep your team happy with replacement foam ear cushions or leatherettes.

Consider using our Clean Ears products over the standard ear cushion for best hygiene practices.


Only a small sample are shown below please contact us for your specific needs and availability.

FreeMate headsets can be used on a huge range of phones - plug into Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, LG, Snom, Polycom and many other phone models. Let us take the guess work out of selecting a headset for you.


Email service@allears.co.nz to order your parts or send your headset in for repair.



• extend the life of your foams

• standard 85mm odi

• ideal for staff who want to keep their headsets clean

• great for temps in call centres

• perfect for headsets used in public places i.e. libraries,

   museums, shows


Do you have headsets used in       

hearing tests?

This is the product for you!


Available in Bags of 100 units in 85mm and 105mm,

request a free sample today.


Radiology units -

how many MRI clients do you see in a day?

Do they all use the headset for music

                                        or to block out the sound?


YOU NEED OUR 105mm range 

AVAILABLE NOW in bags of 100



Monitor hook      ear cushion               microphone            ear cushions        clothing clips               

                             donut shape                    muffs                                                                                     

leatherette          Training/Supervisor Y         specialist plugs for multiple      VoIP cable                 Training/supervisor Y        

 cushion               without mute switch                 phone systems                  wireless headsets            with Mute

       Curly cords                         headset to PC                   VoIP cable               3.5mm plug QD           2.5mm plug QD



disposable & cost effective


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