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Handsfree 9000 wireless headset

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Jabra RHL1000 Lifter

Extend your freedom with remote answering.


These allow greater freedom for the user to remotely pick up, answer and hang up on calls without necessarily being seated at their desk.


All our wireless headsets have optional remote lifters availabe.

FreeMate DL-570





The latest in the range - the Handsfree VT9000 has been selected because of All Ears desire to bring professional headsets to the market, with expected high technical quality, just better value for the user.


The Handsfree VT9000 wireless headset seamlessly works with any standard corded desk phone.


Please ask if not sure your phone is compatible with any of the wireless headsets offered by All Ears.

Easy to set up, easy to use


The Handsfree VT9000 DECT headset is the best transition from corded headset  into the world of wireless headsets at a price that will have your accountant smiling. Replace "cost centre"with "benefit centre".


User friendly and compact in size the Handsfree VT9000 headset won't take over your desk.


Offering professional quality sound the wideband headset offers clarity of voice to both ends of the call.


Lightweight and robust, the Handsfree VT9000 can be used with any corded phone, plug it directly into a headset port or use a remote lifter or EHS (Electonic Hook Switch) cable -  if a compatible model is available for your phone.


Designed and engineered by VBet of China. VBet have been involved in R&D, design and manufacturing of  headset technolgy for over 20 years.

* Long range 1.8GHz DECT wireless

* Wideband audio for exceptional sound quality

* Noise-cancelling microphone

* Crystal clear sound and voice (Digital Signal Processing)

* Advanced hearing protection to protect the user from

extremes of sound

*Up to 8 hours of talk time,

*At least 36 hours standby time

* Battery Full charge in less than 3 hours

*NZ Telepermit - buy with confidence

Everything you need from a wireless headset -

 - just better value