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Although not stipulated, industry experts recommend that this is carried out every twelve months for continuous users and each time an existing headset is allocated to a new user.


Currently most call centres operate at best an ad hoc hygiene programme. By using an intelligent headset management system it is possible to track every headset at regular time intervals. The system keeps track of the dates for replacement of microphone foam, voice tubes or ear muffs, so that you can operate a ‘rolling’ hygiene programme. This approach minimises the impact on the call centre.


Personal allocation of headsets reduces the risk of ear irritation or infection, together with the ability to identify a headset to its user.

Headsets should be checked regularly and repaired or replaced immediately if necessary.

Headset Hygiene


Call handlers wear headsets for long periods during their working day. Headsets should be checked regularly and repaired or replaced if necessary. There may be an increased risk of ear irritation and infection because headsets are worn so intensively. To reduce this risk, staff should send in the headsets for maintenance checking/servicing and hygiene kit replacement.


Voice tubes can become blocked with food, makeup, and dust. This can compromise the effectiveness of microphones by reducing the level of transmitted signals. This may result in callers not being able to hear call handlers clearly, causing all handlers to raise their voices.


Extract - Health & Safety Exec Oct 2006 -UK

Good hygiene is an aid to health, beauty, comfort, and social interactions. It directly aids in disease prevention

and/or disease isolation.


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